Saturday, 31 January 2009

Nearly Painted Orks and Grotz

Batch painting went reasonably well... lack of iPod and caffiene didn't help. Nor did my body's tendancy to seize up if I sit down too long. Junkfood was kinda managed but I missed getting a McAdditives breakfast due to leaving the house late (though I did manage to pick up a nummy sausage bap from BHS) and the lunch I had with Iszy was spectacularly uninspiring (it stopped me being hungry and that was about it... if only she was allowed more than 30 minutes for lunch. Ironically I get a full hour for lunch, but am too far away from town and am ususally too busy to make it worth bothering with).

It seems that 50 models was a bit much for my fist attempt at batch painting, but jumping straight in the deep end was what I needed to convince me that it's not so bad after all... if I can get some basic stuff done on 50 models in a day, fully painting ten in an afternoon should be a doddle (though still a little alien... I'm so used to taking at least two days per model).

But yes, all metals painted. Skin basecoated and washed on both sets of models. Next is clothing. This will hopefully happen today after I've been to town to pick up the Dredd Casefiles #11 and the rest of Gutsville.

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Richard said...

I can't sit still too long either so paint for a hour at a time most, if thats a regular hour once a day its amazing how quickly a unit gets painted.