Sunday, 30 August 2009

Fallen Angels and The Bloodied Host of Lord Khazak

Having recently finished reading Fallen Angels, the latest book in the Horus Heresy series, I have been inspired to make a small squad of these betrayed and tragic figures which will count as a Chosen squad in any Chaos Marine army I care to create.

Fallen Angels colour scheme

Also revisiting my planned Space Wolf-esque traiors, the Bloodied Host of Lord Khazak... having been a follower of Nurgle for many years I've recently become rather disillusioned by the increasing cartooniness of the miniatures workshop are releasing, and so my focus has turned to Khorne... a much misunderstood god in that most people focus on the "me big warrior kill lots people" stuff and don't look at Khorne as also being the embodiment of martial pride and the "warrior code". In much the same fashion people tend to focus on Slaanesh being all about sex, Nurgle being all about disease and Tzeentch being all about magic without bothering to explore the deeper aspects of each god... this isn't actually helped by Workshop themselves focussing on these things. For example, if I were to do a Slaaneshi army the focus would be extreme narcissism... hmmm, Brotherhood of Narcissus. Space Marines as the embodiment of physical perfection... I wonder how easiy it would be to scuplt a muscle curass for a Marine?

Anyway, I digress... the Bloodied Host of Lord Khazak... basically a rogue Wolf Lord who thought the Space Wolves were soft because they were not all at war all the time. So he and his great company buggered off, and over the years ended up worshipping Khorne. The force is rapidly diminishing as warriors die but they will not stop until there are none left standing. Pumped full of combat drugs the warriors of the Bloodied Host never cease their endless war against everybody and each battle is remembered in songs which are sung as the warriors march forward. Just lately a squad of Fallen Angels has been fighting alongside them, fine warriors with skills honed over 10,000 years of war... but why have they joined the Host? What is their agenda?

Bloodied Host of Lord Khazak colour scheme

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