Saturday, 31 October 2009

It occurs to me...

...that I really should be updating this blog more and providing more actual content (including the rants and opinions promised in the header).

Thing is, I'm having one of my frequent creative motivation fails due to combinations of work stress, tiredness and other stuff I won't go into here. I want to paint and stick and convert stuff (I know all you modern hipster kids use more exciting terms like "kit-bashing" now, but to me it's "conversion", always has been always will be... :P ) but the motivation to actually do so just isn't there.

I need an incentive. Something to really aim for.
What I need is the definite promise that I'll get a battle once I have x points* of Orks/Marines/Chaos/Flying Monkeys painted.
So the next step is to find someone willing to make that committment... I am a modern man, and not afraid of such things, but I'm aware that it's a big step for some.

*Only experienced wannabe intellectuals should use algebraic terms in the course of normal writing. Do not try this at home, kids.

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