Monday, 6 February 2012

Cursed Realms of the Winterdemons...

Just a quick post about the plans for my Vampire Counts army. I'm going for a winter theme, with off-white/cream and blue-grey being the main colours.

This choice of theme and colour scheme is for three reasons:
  1. Off-white and blue-grey are colours I know I can paint well and paint quickly.
  2. Everybody does 'goth' undead with their blacks and purples and reds and stuff. They probably write poetry about it too and give their characters mysterious and sexy sounding names.
  3. Winter is trve and kvlt and stuff. And is just my favourite season in general. Also, it's actually winter right now.
I'm most of the way through basecoating my Grave Guard and have some Cairn Wraiths to start on too. I'm also going to use the Konrad von Carstein model as my general (as I already have it, though I'm tempted to order the Sartosan Vampire instead), except he'll be a regular vampire and will have enamelled blue-white armour. Will I actually go through with all this and finally end up with a finished army? Only time will tell.

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