Sunday, 17 June 2012

Citadel Spray Gun - First Impressions

Well. So far I don't really like it.

It covers well and covers evenly, when it works properly, which seems to be less than 50% of the time spent holding the trigger down.

The paint nozzle is built according to the Eddie Izzard theory of toaster and shower turnybuttonthings, in that the correct position for the nozzle to be set to seems to be very small and finding it is mostly a matter of trial and error. The propellant gets really cold, really fast which means it doesn't spreay properly. The paint pot keeps falling out of the gun while I'm using it, meaning a one-handed job... wait, that came out wrong... meaning a task which should require only one hand suddenly needs two hands to be accomplished.

I'm going to perservere with it because without it (or something similar) I will never, ever get 40 skeletons and 80 zombies paitned. Also I shall search the intertubes for tips on how to use it properly because one thing's for sure simply following the instructions in the GW Offical YooToob Video(tm) is not sufficient.


The Pirate Viking said...

I quite agree on all points. Some things I found that helped when I was using the shop's one:

1) A single turn of rubbery electrical tape around that stupid capillary feed bottle will help to keep it lodged in place.
2) We used two cans of propellant at a time and swopped them out when they got cold. (If the guy in the shop didn't advise this then he has never used one)
3) A bucket of warm - not hot (i.e. sub 50 degree) water is handy to dunk your cans in while spraying to keep the pressure up. They are also handy for cleaning as you can just dunk the capillary tube in the bucket and spray until clear.

Doug McKerracher said...

Thankee Mr. Viking! You're a gennleman an' a scholar.