Saturday, 5 July 2014

Finecast - First and Only

So, thanks to the system by which virtual money is exchanged for actual goods I bought the 2012 Games Day model off The Pirate Viking. My intention is to use him in my Lamenters army.

But this post is mainly about Finecast as this is my first and possibly only encounter with it.

What strikes me immedately is how many holes there are. Nothing drastic, but enough to make me go 'huh, time to get the green stuff out'. But the flipside is how easy it is to work... I mean, I'm used to struggling with trying to convert metal minis, but this stuff is easier than plastic.

The level of detail does not appear to me to be what was promised by GW, but it's still pretty good.

More when it's stuck together and green stuffed.

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