Thursday, 26 May 2011

Citadel Finecast

So... Citadel have decided to do away with metal miniatures altogether, replacing them with a kind of resin.

I'm in two minds about this really... on the one hand the fact the miniatures will be lighter and easier to convert is awesome. On the other... well let's just say they've decided that this is an excuse for another price rise. Take Abaddon the Despoiler for example, the current metal model already costs a hefty £12.30, but the resin version is going to cost £14.50! The Eldar Autarch is also going up by a similar amount from £8.20 to 10.50! Expensive hobby is expensive.

Time to really knuckle down with painting what I've already got and looking at other ways of satiating my everlasting hunger for shinies (Warmachine fo' sho'. Also guitar stuff... hoh yus). I will probably still buy GW stuff, but frankly it's now got to the stage where if I don't already have a reasonable substitute lurking in my collection - regardless of age - I just won't bother. And unless my next job (hey, I'm unemployed again everybody!) pays well enough I guess I can wave goodbye to any notions of starting a Dark Eldar army.

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