Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Howling Corruption

 I've worked out the basic list for my 2013 army project, utilising as many minitures as I already know as I can.

Originally I had the idea of making it 2,013 points, but that would mean having to buy a LOT of models so I settled on 1,500 which I've more or less hit perfectly.

As before the basic concept is of a Space Wolf army that was corrupted by the malign influence of Nurgle. Where a lot of Nurgle background and imagery goes for the slow stagnation thing, I wanted to have something that more represented disease as an aggressive attacker, and so The Howling Corruption was born.

The fluff background is still somewhat vague, basically involving a Great Company who chased a force of Plague Marines into the Eye of Terror, but even as they defeated their foe the Plagueworld they were on was already working its influence. Centuries later the Howling Corruption emerged from the Eye to wreak havoc upon the Imperium. Lately a detachment of Alpha Legionnaires has joined the Company, but for what purpose?

Wolf Lord Kol Draugen
Termintor armour, lightning claws, ichor blood, dimensional key, Mark of Nurgle, blight grenades.

10 Chaos Marines (Grey Hunters)
8 close combat weapons, flamer, plasma gun, champion with lightning claws, Mark of Nurgle, icon of despair.

20 Cultists
8 autoguns, flamer, heavy stubber, champion with shotgun, Mark of Nurgle.

7 Plague Marines
Meltagun, plasma gun, champion with power weapon.

5 Chosen (Alpha Legion)
Power weapon, power fist, lightning claws, champion with power weapon and gift of mutation, veterans of the Long War.
Rhino with dozer blade, daemonic possession, and dirgecaster.

3 Chaos Terminators (Wolf Guard)
2 powerfists, Champion with combi-plasma and chainfist, Mark of Nurgle.

Fast Attack
5 Raptors (Blood Claws)
Flamer, Champion with lightning claws, Mark of Nurgle

Allied Daemons
7 Plaguebearers

3 Nurgling bases  

So that's my basic army list. I am avoiding thinking about future plans for this, because that's one of the ways in which I get bogged down in theoreticals and never get around to working on the actual army building.

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