Sunday, 26 October 2008

Epic Fail

So yeah... I've managed to paint the metallics on eleven of my twenty-one Marines and the yellow on three-and-a-half.

Bit of an Epic Fail really considering that I was supposed to have got the entirely of the basic force at least basecoated by now...

But there is a reason why I have been failing to paint my Marines... and that reason is this picture:

Y'see, as much as I like Space Marines I'm an Ork at heart, and that picture of the new Kaptin Badrukk model has put me in something of an Ork frenzy... and so I have decided that this blog will now involve the evolution of two armies; the Lamenters and Gogthug's Deffskull Lootaz... and thus I will be using new labels to distinguish between posts relating to the two armies as seen below.

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